Kiera Austin returns to Diamonds squad for Commonwealth Games

Thirteen months after her knee gave way in a Super Netball game, Kiera Austin has reached her career’s highest point, headlining Australia’s gold-seeking netball team at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Melbourne Vixens shooter Austin, 24, is the only player who didn’t feature in January’s Quad Series triumph to crack the 12-player Diamonds squad, capping off […]


Examining brain differences in pain modulation in people with self-injury behavior

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden might have found an explanation for why people with self-injury behavior generally feel less pain than others. The key seems to be a more effective pain-modulation system, a discovery that can benefit people seeking help for their self-harm. The findings are published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. Most people […]


What are the consequences of yen’s fall to a 24-year low?

The Japanese yen fell past the psychological 135 line to levels against the U.S. dollar last seen in October 1998. The scale of the move has repercussions for the domestic economy as yen-based import prices are surging at a record annual pace, heaping pressure on household balance sheets. The Bank of Japan and the Japanese […]


Economist says China must seize TSMC if the US tightens sanctions

The importance of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, better known as TSMC, to the global economy cannot be understated. The world’s largest chip manufacturer has a 54% share of the global chip market, which makes an economist’s call for China to seize TSMC if the US imposes harsh sanctions on the country all the more […]


Mum, 54, looks so much like daughter, 20, she claims relatives get them mixed up

A mum and daughter claim they look so similar their own family often get them mixed up, with people telling them they look like twins. Ameena Bunney, 54, and her 20-year-old daughter Liberty share a striking resemblance thanks to their matching dark, curly hair, chin and cheekbone structure, and bright smiles. According to Liberty, even […]