Mum, 54, looks so much like daughter, 20, she claims relatives get them mixed up

A mum and daughter claim they look so similar their own family often get them mixed up, with people telling them they look like twins.

Ameena Bunney, 54, and her 20-year-old daughter Liberty share a striking resemblance thanks to their matching dark, curly hair, chin and cheekbone structure, and bright smiles.

According to Liberty, even her dad and uncle get them mixed up and will often comment on their uncanny “twin-like” similarities.

Although Liberty couldn’t see the similarities to her mum when she was younger, she can see the likeliness clearer now she’s older, especially after years of comments from both strangers and friends.

Liberty, who lives in New South Wales, Australia, said: “My mum is my best friend – we are super close and I tell her everything. I’m not sure if that’s down to our likeness in looks, but potentially it might.

“Personality-wise, I’m more like my dad. However, my mum and I do share some [personality traits] alike such as being protective over our loved ones, worrying a lot, and being quite shy with new people.”

The online nutrition and mindset coach continued: “People in shops have told us how alike we look over the years, as well as other family members and friends who often comment on the resemblance.

“She’s honestly just as beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside and If I could be half the woman she is, I would be happy.”

Taking to TikTok, the pair highlighted their resemblance in a clip where they could be seen sitting side-by-side, using a filter to “switch places” while miming along to Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Deja Vu.’

The vid has since clocked up more than 10,800 views and hundreds of likes, with many users stunned by their likeness.

One stunned person wrote that the video “looks like a before and after,” while another wrote, “Your mum really said copy, paste.”

Reflecting on the comments they’ve since received, Liberty said: “It was a trend at the time, so we thought we would try it out to see if we really did lookalike as so many people [have said this] before.

“We were shocked at the final video and it was fun to see the outcome, as well as being nice to look back on. I think my mum is beautiful, so I love that I resemble her.”